Key Features:
  • High quality imaging with 2560 × 1440@ 15 fps resolution
  • 24/7 Colorful imaging
  • Clear imaging against strong back light due to 130 dB true WDR technology
  • Focus on human and vehicle targets classification based on deep learning
  • 80 W photovoltaic panel, 360 WH chargeable lithium battery
  • Support battery management, battery display, battery high-low temperature protection, charge-discharge protection, low-battery sleep protection and remote wakeup
  • LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA/GSM 4G wireless network transmission, support Micro SIM card
  • Camera: Water and dust resistant (IP67)
  • Built-in 64 GB eMMC storage
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Key Features:
  • Outdoor Housing
  • IP67
  • With fan
  • suitable for high temperature environment
Datasheet: DS-1331HZ-C
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Key Features:
P2.6 Indoor Rental LED display
  • Cabinet is die-casting aluminum integrated.
  • Modularized design: LED cabinet consists of frame, power box and modules. For different pixel pitches, they can share same power box and frame.
  • Seamless connection: There are four locks totally on each cabinet. They can lock cabinets well for seamless splicing.
Datasheet: DS-D4426RI-CBF
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Key Features:
  • DS-C30S-S23 is a chassis with 23 slots. Adopting the structure of main control board plus input and output board, and supporting mixed insertion of input and output boards, it supports displaying multiple dynamic images on multiple display terminals at the same time.
  • A signal source can be displayed on the M × N (M ≥ 1, N ≥ 1) display units.
  • Multiple signal sources are supported, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP and IP. Supports 4K@60 Hz input, transmission and output.
Datasheet: DS-C30S-S23
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Key Features:
  • Distributed elevator controller
  • Connectable with up to 16 relays to control floor buttons in the elevator
  • RS-485 communication with the master elevator controller
  • DIP switch settings for device address and relay types
  • Up to 8 distributed elevator controllers can be linked to the master elevator controller
  • Control the elevator via the relay
Datasheet : DS-K2M0016A
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Key Features:
  • Master elevator controller
  • Control 128 floors' permissions
  • 20,000 cards and 50,000 events storage
  • Uplink Communication: TCP/IP and RS-485
  • Multiple authentication modes
  • Configure and manage device via web client and client software
  • Watchdog and tamper-proof function
  • Accessible Card Reader: 2 Wiegand readers or 2 RS485 readers

Datasheet : DS-K2210
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