Key Features:
  • TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and GPRS network
  • New generation wireless protocol: Tri-X/Cam-X
  • Long RF transmission distance
  • Two-way communication with AES-128 encryption
  • Connects up to 64 wireless zones/outputs (including 48 PIRCAMs), 32 wireless keyfobs, 2 repeaters, 4 sounders, 8 tag readers & keypads.
  • Supports up to 32 network users, including 1 installer, 1 administrator, and 30 normal users
  • Voice prompt
  • Configuration via Web client, mobile client, and Convergence Cloud
  • Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect configuration depends on the user access level
  • Pushes alarm notification via messages or phone calls
  • Views live videos from Hik-Connect
  • Alarm video clips via emails and APP
  • Supports LED indicator to indicates system status
  • 4520 mAh lithium backup battery
  • SIA-DC09 protocol, and supports both Contact ID and SIA data format
Datasheet : DS-PWA-AXPRO_433
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Key Features
  • PC+ABS material shell with PMMA panel design
  • Equipped with the 32-bit high-speed processor
  • Built-in audible beeper
  • Display the reader status with LED indicator
  • DIP switch
  • RS485 and Wiegand(W26/W34) protocol
  • Tamper-proof alarm
  • Online upgrade function(under the 485 communication mode), and card reader can degrade to pre-upgrade status in case of upgrading failed
  • Watchdog design for repairing itself in case that exception occurs, to ensure the long service life of the reader
  • Dust-proof and water-proof design
  • Read Mifare card and obtain the card No.
Datasheet : DS-K1101M
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Key Features
  • Mifare Card Reader
  • Multiple Authentication Modes (Card, Fingerprint, and Card + Fingerprint)
  • Stores 5000 Fingerprints
  • Tamper-Resistant
Datasheet : DS-K1201MF
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Key Features:
  • Fingerprint Time Attandence Terminal, Built-in Mifare card reading module
  • 3,000 fingerprints, 3,000 cards and 100,000 events storage
  • Communication via TCP/TP and Wi-Fi
  • Power supply:5 VDC/1 A
  • ISUP5.0, ISAPI
Datasheet : DS-K1A802AMF
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Key Features:
  • Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
  • 2.8-inch LCD display screen
  • 5000 fingerprints, 100,000 cards(Mifare card), 300,000 events storage
  • Communication via TCP/TP and Wi-Fi
  • RS-485 and Wiegand interface
Datasheet: DS-K1T201AMF
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Key Features:
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen, 2 MP lens
  • Multiple authentication methods, including face, card, and PIN, etc.
  • Supports Mifare card
  • Face recognition duration < 0.2 s/User
  • Max. 500 faces, 1,000 cards, and 100,000 events
  • Supports ISAPI and ISUP 5.0 protocols
  • Configuration via the web client
Datasheet: DS-K1T320MWX
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